Company profile

DIH s.r.o. specialises in project development, engineering services, sales and agency services in the areas of general engineering, construction, environmental technologies and equipment in the field of utilities.

DIH was established in 1994 and currently draws from its considerable engineering experience and skills it has obtained through the implementation of a large number of projects located mainly in Europe, but also worldwide.

The central aim of our project development and engineering services are: development and subsequent optimisation of 3D digital prototype – from overall concept (optimisation of land development plans, piping utilities and other engineering routes layout designs, operator platforms and communication routes in general; lifetime checks for possible hazards and breakdown with respect to assembly and maintenance) to development and processing of manufacturing plans of structural elements.

An inseparable part of our development process and optimisation of digital prototype in mechanical engineering is to provide accurate static and dynamic analysis by finite element method (FEM).

In the field of construction (steel halls, operator platforms, steel supporting structures for technological elements and foundations, etc.), we prepare, as part of project development, static and dynamic analysis of wind and seismic loads, using the most up-to-date software applications.

Our portfolio of engineering services also includes external development of 3D CAD company databases of structural elements and support in the transfer from 2D to 3D project development. Naturally, we also provide our own presentation in the form of visualisation and animation of the structural and technological elements, assemblies and projects in their entirety.

Mr. Juraj Horský
President & CEO