FEM, Scientific Calculating

In the area of scientific-technical calculations, analyses and simulations by means of finite element method (FEM) for the structures used in construction, utilities and general mechanical engineering, DIH offers the following engineering services:

  • Consultancy, design, calculation and development of pressure containers, tanks, heat exchangers, various technological parts of equipment and pipelines for utilities, chemical and food industry and general mechanical engineering
  • Strength analysis and analyses by means of FEM
  • Stability analysis of pressure containers and steel structures – elastic and plastic
  • Professional advice on seismic resistance of equipment and structures
  • Simulations and subsequent optimisation by means of FEM
  • FEM-solutions in the field of special and nonlinear static analysis
  • Development of macros for pre- and post-processing
  • Evaluation of macros for visualisation of results according to related standards

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